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Ethos of Men and the follow up Next Level Masculinity are books that examine the state of masculinity in American men today. Each are part self help book and part thought provoking examination of our place in our post sexual revolution society. These books are politically incorrect in the sense that they recognize some general biological differences between how males and females think and operate as well as how that connects to a larger picture of manipulative politics and media in our post-patriarchal time; much of which is anti-male.

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Men: Having Needs isn’t Needy

Some years ago, my wife and I along with our teenage son took a local parenting class offered by our county Social Services. It was a group class called the Nurturing Parenting Program and it ran each Monday evening for thirteen weeks.  A variety of other families with teenage kids attended the sessions.  An eye-opening…

To Navigate and Thrive as a Man Today

Author and survivor of multiple Nazi concentration camps Dr. Viktor E. Frankl has some heavy perspectives on seeking happiness in his book Man’s Search for Meaning.  His descriptions of life as a captive in the hellish camps is horrifying, yet his insights are brilliant.  He writes “success, like happiness cannot be pursued, it must ensue,…

Plight of the Domesticated Man

British zoologist Dr. Desmond Morris’ 1969 sociobiological book The Human Zoo made a huge impression on me upon discovering it back in the late nineties.  Morris makes the undeniable point that modern people live in an unnatural environment.  Biologically and psychologically, we are ultimately built for a close-knit hunter-gatherer tribal lifestyle.  We are not evolved…

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