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Ethos of Men and the follow up Next Level Masculinity are books that examine the state of masculinity in American men today. Each are part self help book and part thought provoking examination of our place in our post sexual revolution society. These books are politically incorrect in the sense that they recognize some general biological differences between how males and females think and operate as well as how that connects to a larger picture of manipulative politics and media in our post-patriarchal time; much of which is anti-male.

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The War on Men

Ultimately, I believe that women (despite their argument to the contrary) instinctively prefer their men to be masculine as opposed to effeminate, that we be capable of setting boundaries as well as being emotionally hardened providers and protectors.  Women do not want to be protectors or keepers of men; they are built to nurture children …

The Ego is Necessary

 A June 2019 Vice magazine online article entitled “The pursuit of High Self Esteem is Making us Miserable” mentions that the term “self-esteem” comes from 1890, but the theory that it could be tied to success in life dates to 1969. The article adds that the modern “self-esteem movement” truly began with a task force …


  The first Ethos of Men book addresses the positive effects of practicing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  In this article, we are exploring the toughness, perseverance, and fighting spirit that is embodied in BJJ and how that mindset spills into and affects the everyday life of its practitioners.  Even outside the gym, these guys have an …

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