The Ethos of Men books are critical of feminism and political correctness yet are more geared towards helping men navigate today’s less than favorable political and social reality. Ethos of Men and Next Level Masculinity are male-centric field manuals; a starting point for men to gain some general awareness about what is happening around us (and to us) as far as intergender relations and the “female first” sociopolitical climate we live in today. Readers will find chapters addressing so called “toxic masculinity”, instinctual female mating behaviors, and the benefits of “red pill” philosophy for men.

Paired alongside that are actionable chapters on individual personal masculine development, such as taking on challenges to shed the victim mentality and develop more manly virtues like courage. These books are subversive in the sense that they strongly encourages ethical masculinity and recognize the primal importance to male mental health. Overcoming the “nice guy” syndrome, development of a warrior-like mindset, and the benefits of discipline in multiple aspects of life are explored in the first book. Volume II gets into yet more topics to help males thrive today; financial strategy, anger management, and the fathering role, just to name a few.

First book Available in paperback, Kindle, and Audible.

Spanish Edition just released in paperback and Kindle.

Volume II Available in paperback, Kindle, and now Audible!