The Ethos of Men book is a collection of male relevant topics both in terms of personal development for men and analysis of the present day sociopolitical reality for men. While writing, it was clear to me that even more topics needed to be addressed. Rather than simply adding to the first book (and keep readers waiting another 18 months) I published Ethos of Men and immediately went to work on Next Level Masculinity, the follow up book. The first book laid a foundation in terms of awareness and masculine survival; the second book levels up into a deeper examination of financial strategy, challenges of fatherhood, and human mating behaviors to help men actually thrive in today’s less than male friendly conditions.

Gentlemen, thank you for your support and feedback on these projects. If this content helps you, please recommend it to another man that could use some tools and skills to better kick ass in life. Men’s work is important work and we could all use a little help.


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